Cristina Ferrare

Brick Chicken

Brick chicken cristina ferrare

I don’t place a brick directly on top of the chicken because you will need to wrap it in aluminum foil first which is a no-no in my book. The jury is still out on the effects of aluminum on the brain. I use a skillet to place on top of the chicken while cooking then add a rock or brick in that.   Read more »




This is a simple, quick, delicious pasta dish. All you need is pasta, olive oil, Parmesan, Romano Pecorino cheese and plenty of cracked black pepper. Of course, I have to embellish the presentation a bit because I think eye appeal is so important. So, I garnish with fresh Italian parsley, lemon zest, and chopped walnuts to bring out color and texture. The extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and walnuts are extremely good for brain and gut health. You can use Gluten Free Pasta! Read more »


Now that all of the sweet tender vegetables of spring are being harvested it is the perfect time to make this Israeli Couscous. I use lots of fresh herbs and baby or wild arugula in this salad for their healing properties and of course taste. I love the slightly bitter and peppery taste of the arugula. When you add the saltiness of the feta cheese and aromatic fresh herbs it is a refreshing salad exploding with layers of flavor. Read more »

Floral Arrangements

First roses of the season! Love having fresh flowers around our home! The color, fragrance and overall organic beauty bring any space to life! If you work in an office bring some fresh flowers for your desk, even if it’s one rose or favorite flower

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spatchcock chicken cristina ferrare

I cook with cast iron skillets as well as stainless steel and copper. I love the durability of cast iron skillets and its ability to evenly retain heat. You can heat the skillet super-hot without burning your food. It’s perfect for searing, sautéing, baking, making pizza, stir fry, frittatas, and so much more. If you take proper care of them they will last a lifetime and then some. I still have some of the cast iron skillets my mother cooked with. Read more »


pea soup cristina ferrare

I was always taught eating anything “green” was super good for you.

When I was a kid I “HATED IT”! I remember the time I had to sit at the dinner table until ALL of the soggy spears of asparagus on my plate were eaten before I could be excused. It was the 50’s and at that time vegetables were boiled until they were dead, the color grey and the consistency mealy! Yuck. I sat at the dinner table until 11:30 p.m.  I pointed out it was a school night so I decided to compromise and take the deal that was offered, “eat one spear” which I did gagging all the way up the stairs! Read more »