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Yet another way to enjoy Heirloom Tomatoes hollowed out toasted seeded bagel with avocado/cream cheese whip! Read more »



Strawberry’s are super sweet this time of year and while they are at their peak of flavor you should take advantage of them. I do have a beautiful bowl of strawberries every day. I add them in Smoothies, salads, make salad dressing, mixed with yogurt, and pureed to pour over dairy-free ice cream! Today, however, I am going to share a recipe for Strawberry Margarita’s!!! 🙂 It’s super hot right now and this refreshing cold drink made without processed sugar will be most satisfying! For a special treat, I put up a recipe for the secret to the best guacamole!!! It’s up on the website that I posted on August 1st. Let’s do this! Read more »


I got this recipe for guacamole while vacationing in Acapulco from a woman who would prepare these amazing meals for us. She started off every evening with Guacamole, Salsa, and homemade tortillas. I thought the guacamole was the best I had ever tasted. I had to just march myself right up to the kitchen and ask her to please show me how she made the guacamole. She was kind enough to show me and shared her family secret. The secret to fluffy, creamy slightly chunky guacamole is to start with ripe avocados and to make sure they’re cold. She used a potato masher and mashed the heck out of them until they were creamy with a few tiny avocado pieces still intact. A fork will do if you don’t have a potato masher-it just takes a little more work.  The cilantro and onion need to be chopped extremely fine and fresh limes are a must. I like my guacamole extremely spicy so I double up on the jalapeno’s but I went lighter for this recipe. You can add or take away as much heat as you want! Please enjoy with an ice cold margarita! Read more »

What To Do With All Those Summer Tomatoes!

Okay so you know I’ve been touting summer tomatoes, all this month and most likely all next month. When tomatoes are at their peak of flavor there is nothing better!  This is all part of “Food for Thought” you should include in your diet for heart, brain, and gut health! I am trying to make everyone aware, one recipe at a time that you can eat all the foods you love while protecting your health.

Evidently, I was photobombed. I decided to go with it. This is real life in the kitchen. It perfectly unperfect!

It’s the middle of the summer growing season and there is an overabundance of fresh tomatoes. The supermarkets are bursting at the seams, as are home gardens with vines that have yielded more tomatoes than you have ever anticipated.

Since I love to make my sauce for pasta using fresh tomatoes I look forward to the open market where I purchase fresh organic grown tomatoes by the case and always get a great price since everyone has plenty of tomatoes to sell.  I make the sauce and “can” them so I have jars of sauce with that just picked off the vine flavor throughout the winter. I make sauce every weekend until the season is over.

This recipe is easy to make and is versatile, it can be also served as a soup nice and hot for those chilly nights or chilled in the steamy months of summer.


I highly recommend you purchase a Chinois and pestle. A Chinois is a strainer for soup and sauces. You can purchase a chinois at William Sonoma online or at any of their stores.  This has the perfect size holes for making this sauce.

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Kathy Giusti, her husband Paul, daughter Nicole and son David celebrating the Giustis’ 25th wedding anniversary in 2015.Photo by Brilliant Studios

It’s because of Kathy Giusti the beautiful bride in the photo that I’m alive today. She is the reason why so many people are alive today. Her story is extraordinary, she is extraordinary. This article is from the Wall Street Journal about how one woman who changed the face of cancer and cancer research. No one has impacted my life and so many others in such a profound way as Kathy. A woman of fierce passion and drive to find a cure and groundbreaking clinical trials for treating patients with Multiple Myeloma.

I have Multiple Myeloma which is cancer of the plasma of the blood. As of today, there is no cure, but it can be managed. Thanks to Kathy and the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation I have not doubt there will be a cure and I plan to still be here when they do. If you are someone who is fighting the fight against cancer please take the time to read Kathy’s story. It will inspire you, and give you what we all strive for, living cancer free, hope and peace.

Thank you my friend, I’ve been in remission for over a year and going strong thanks to your life’s work.  I can’t wait to see you in October.   Onward………

“In 1996, Kathy Giusti, then a 37-year-old pharmaceutical sales exec with a new baby, was told she had a blood cancer called multiple myeloma and three years to live. She refused to act like her life was over. “I decided I was going to live like I was going to live, not like I was going to die,” she says”.

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Steak Bruschetta


These appetizers are amazing! The beef is tender and flavorful. The garlic and olive oil infused red bell peppers and the creamy goat cheese is the perfect pairing. Adding fresh herbs and a touch of coarse salt and cracked pepper is the perfect finishing touch. Sometimes I use this combination and just make myself a huge honking sandwich and eat the whole thing with a lovely glass of Chianti! Read more »