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Home and Family 4092 Final Photo Assets

This week on Home and Family I share four of my floral arrangement tips on how to a single bouquet ant turn it into three different flower arrangement to fit in any room of your house. 

Tip 1: When I deconstruct a bouquet I like to separate each type of flower into its own pile. i.e. roses go in one pile, hydrangeas in another, etc. That way you can start with a blank slate.

Tip 2: Keep everything that comes with the bouquet. DO NOT throw out the cellophane or fabric that comes with a bouquet. You can add the cellophane with water in a vase to create an icy look. You can also add the fabric to the top of the vase to add a pop of color!

Tip 3: When using a more elaborate case try and create a more simplistic flower arrangement to place inside.

Tip 4: When making an arrangement in a shallow vase you should use a frog pin so that the flowers can stand upright without the support of a vase. I only used three different types of flowers for this arrangement. Make sure to cut each flower a different length. Cover frog pin with moss, rocks and other accessories.

What are some of your floral tips?

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