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On our show for the Hallmark Channel, “Home and Family” I arrange all the flowers throughout the house every Monday morning. I treat this house on the Universal Studio lot as if it were my own. My partner and co-host Mark Steines and I want everyone who walks through the doors to feel welcome and at home.  That goes for our staff and crew too. Many times the camera crew, producers and staff will come over  to say how much they appreciate me taking the time to do the flowers, that they add life, warmth and color to the house. They always say it with a smile on their face  and always say thanks. I can’t even begin to tell you what that makes me feel like.  We don’t have a big budget for flowers so I do what I can and use things I find around the house and in our craft room to add embellishments. I always keep some fake flowers on hand that I get at Michael’s Arts and Crafts  that look so real you can’t tell even when you touch them to enhance or add more volume.

Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare welcome “Suits” actress, Leslie Hope. From "Red Oaks,” actress Gage GoLightly visits our home. Chef Jamika Pessoa cooks a delicious sausage and seafood stew. Cristina makes DIY painted vases and beautiful flower arrangements. Dan Kohler breaks down the scientific reaction of mixing baking soda and vinegar. Throw an amazing DIY superhero party on a budget with Ken Wingard. Paige Hemmis ­shows you how to make a whimsical DIY wishing well. Kristin Smith has solutions for parents potty training their children. And, Jeanette Pavini answers viewer money-saving questions. Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: jeremy lee/Alexx Henry Studios, LLC

In my own home I save LOTS of money by buying flowers at the Open Market every Saturday for half of what they cost in floral shops and grocery markets. It kills me to pay those prices and they are not so fresh either. They still sell you the flowers for the same price even though sometimes they are 2 to 3 days old, grrrrrrrr!

Having a true love & passion for creating any space into a home, I think flowers are a great way to tie everything together. That’s why this week on Home and Family, I wanted to share my new DIY for a creative yet personalized way to showcases your favorite floral arrangements. Super simple and affordable these vases gives each room that extra pop! ENJOY

  • Clear glass vases/bottles/bowls/containers/cups
  • House paint
  • Clear gloss spray
  • Optional accessories: Flowers (silk or real), water picks (if using real flowers), flower foams, pin frogs, moss, corks, decorative rocks, starfish, etc.
  • Wire cutters and/or scissors


1) Pour paint in bottom of vase and swirl it around until the entire inside of vase is covered with paint

2) Turn upside down and let paint drip out for 5-15 minutes! It is very important to let all the paint drip out or it will take forever to dry!

3) After pain has completely dripped out, turn vase right side up and let dry for 2-3 days

4) You can use a blow dryer on low cold heat to speed up this process

5) Once dry, spray with gloss

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Let’s get crafting! 

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