Vases Out Of Vegetables

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It’s about that time again when you walk into your local grocery store and are welcomed by the colors of fall surrounded by the beautiful myriad of colored squashes, pumpkins, and cabbages.  I use them as bowls for stews, pureed soups, and as candleholders. I also use them to display floral arrangements for tablescapes. Here are a few examples.


  • 6-8 seasonal vegetables (squash, red cabbage/lettuce, pomegranates, turnips, etc.
    • (List of seasonal vegetables below)
  • Silver or wooden tray for display
  • Corer or pumpkin carving tools
  • Sharp knife
  • 2- 3 bunches of seasonal flowers
  • Candles
  • Optional Decorations: Festive ribbons, cranberries and acorns.



  1. Wash and dry your vegetables
  2. Check to see if vegetable stands upright on its own. If not slice off a small amount of the bottom of the vegetable so it doesn’t tilt.
  3. Next, cut off the top of vegetables.
  4. Core out the middle with a standard vegetable corer or pumpkin carving tools.
  5. Use and fill as desired

Fall Fruits and Vegetables – What’s In Season In Fall?

Cabbage – is bright and crisp when raw and mellows and sweetens the longer it’s cooked. The cooler the weather when it’s harvested, the sweeter it tends to taste (this effect is called “frost kissed”).

Eggplant – (early fall) comes into season towards the end of summer, but bright shiny heavy-feeling specimens stay in season well into fall.

Pumpkins – are the most common winter squash and come into season in September in most areas.

Winter Squash – of all sorts comes into season in early fall and usually last well into winter.

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