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I really get excited when I find products that are beautiful, eco-friendly and a joy to use.

These are cleaning products created by a mother whose son was diagnosed with allergies to common household cleaning products. Her mission was to create “The safest, best and most beautiful home cleaning products available”.  She has!

I am now using all of the “Murchison-Hume” cleaning products in our home.

I highly suggest you visit their website, will forever change the way you look at cleaning products for your home.

You will love everything they offer starting with the hand soap and cream, lovely fragrant candles and core cleaning products.

Core cleaning products include,

Furniture & upholstery cleaner

glass and mirror cleaner

The ladies Bathroom Cleaner

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Floor Cleaner

Counter and Boys Bathroom Cleaner

There is even Shampoo and conditioner for your doggies, No synthetic fragrances, no silicon, no nonsense.

I’m sold!


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  • Anne Coelen

    Oh what a lovely review of my favorite non-toxic cleaning products from

  • dholcomb1

    I saw them recently–I’ll look for them.