Flower Arranging with Fresh Flowers

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Fabulous book on flower design from the master Michael Gaffney!


On our show for the Hallmark Channel, “Home and Family” I arrange all the flowers throughout the house every Monday morning. I treat this house on the Universal Studio lot as if it were my own. My partner and co-host Mark Steines and I want everyone who walks through the doors to feel welcome and at home.  That goes for our staff and crew too. Many times the camera crew, producers and staff will come over  to say how much they appreciate me taking the time to do the flowers, that they add life, warmth and color to the house. They always say it with a smile on their face  and always say thanks. I can’t even begin to tell you what that makes me feel like.  We don’t have a big budget for flowers so I do what I can and use things I find around the house and in our craft room to add embellishments. I always keep some fake flowers on hand that I get at Michael’s Arts and Crafts  http://www.michaels.com/  that look so real you can’t tell even when you touch them to enhance or add more volume.

In my own home I save LOTS of money by buying flowers at the Open Market every Saturday for half of what they cost in floral shops and grocery markets. It kills me to pay those prices and they are not so fresh either. They still sell you the flowers for the same price even though sometimes they are 2 to 3 days old, grrrrrrrr!

There are many books available on flower arranging but a favorite of mine is from our very own family member David Gaffney, http://bit.ly/13Yf4RA he creates magic with flowers. I love his  book, “Design Star”. It’s full of amazing tips and beautiful arrangements.  http://amzn.to/18Y56iS Every time he comes on the show I learn something unique and different.

 I will be posting Home and Family floral arrangements on a weekly basis starting up in our second season, September 30, 2013! I hope you will join us on the “Hallmark Channel” for “Home and Family”.  Check your local listings and please join us!

Thank you and see you back at home!!!

I always have fresh flowers in our home and I love to arrange them myself. Flowers add warmth, color and a subtle scent fresh to any room. You can be as elaborate as you want creating a dramatic look or make a simple arrangement using as little as three blooming flowers and some branches or leaves from outside to create a beautiful effect!

Here are some arrangements I did for my home! I will be posting more and any other beautiful arrangements I can find!

Fresh herbs to brighten up the table!         Flowers from the Mart!

Fresh Flowers