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WELCOME HOME & FAMILY viewers to my web-site devoted to the best recipes and ideas for your Home & Family I have to offer!


I am so very very happy to have the opportunity to be joining as a co-host “Hallmark Channel’s” Home & Family.  I co-hosted the original show in the 90’s, I’m back and honored to be sitting next to my new partner and host Mark Steines! The moment I met him I knew we were in for a great time and we are having a blast!

It was a very emotional day the first time I walked back into the house. I remember all of our family members children including mine running around the backyard and house doing what children usually do, screaming, laughing and getting into trouble! I am overwhelmed with happiness and extremely grateful to be back and to do what I love most, taking care of Home & Family! The best part of being back is taking care of the biggest kid of all our producer Woody Fraser! It’s good to be home!

I would love to hear from you  with your comments and or ideas you would like for us to cover on the show. There are a lot of new things being planned so we

can have better communications with you our Home & Family family!

Big Hugs,



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  • Roseann

    Cristina, I am so glad you are back on Home and Family. I just to watch it everyday while I was home taking care of my boy, girl twins and other sons. They are teenagers now so I’m glad I can watch it uninterupted. I hope to see some of the other guest come on that use to be on in the 90’s. I did so enjoy the show and I myself love to cook for my family and learn new receipes. I have your cook book with all the holidays and we use it often. Love your cooking.

    • Roseann really appreciate the support and wonderful thoughts. Keep watching. Cristina

    • Kathy

      I’m so glad your back with Home and Family. I watched every day when you were on before and I was so sad when the show was canceled. I started watching the new H & F, but the chemistry just didn’t seem to be there. When I found out you are back, I started watching again. Love, love,love it! I have your books and look forward to getting your new one when it’s released. Also, love to watch you cook on H & F and already adding to my recipe file started with the old H & F. GLAD YOUR BACK!!

      • Kathy, I’m happy I am back as well. It is a wonderful experience and I love working with Mark and Woody. Happy New Year Cristina

  • Chris Land

    I was looking the creamed spinach recipe, from your Christmas eve show

    • Chris if you go to my web site http://www.cristinaferrarecooks.com under the cooking section in vegetables you find my creamed spinach recipe. Somehow it wasn’t posted before. Hope you enjoy and thanks for your interest. Happy New Year. Cristina

      • Chris Land

        Thank you , snowed in here in Indiana today.Good day for cooking ,can’t wait to try it.

  • Lee Hubbard

    I’m glad to see you back on Home and Family. I hope you stay. Maybe you can get Chuck Woolery and Mike Burger back for one show.

    • Lee thank you, I really like doing the show. Happy New Year. Cristina

  • Suzanne

    Cristina! It’s so great to watch you again…was a loyal “original” home and family watcher and still have so many Cristina recipes in my folder…two of our favs, your “harvest pumpkin bread” and homemade cranberry sauce…never liked or really knew how to make cranberries till I tried yours and now we don’t have Thanksgiving without them:)
    Hope you will stay on! Would love for Candace Garvey to come on sometime…loved her segments too!
    Keep up the fun work at Hallmark & Happy new year!

    • Suzanne, wishing you a very Happy New Year. Love doing the show and your kind words are much appreciated. Cristina

  • Carolyn

    I am so happy you are back at Home and Family. I watched the one back in the 90’s while raising my kids and was very sad when it ended. You always have a way of brightening up our day and always cook incredible dishes.

    • Carolyn, thank you for the kind words. Thanks for watching and Happy New Year. Cristina

  • Donna

    Cristina, since you joined Home and Family, I am a faithful viewer. You are GREAT and add so much to the show with your upbeat personality and warm aurora. You and Mark work well together, and you are funny!!!
    Happy New Year, Cristina, and PLEASE stay on Home and Family! Looking forward to more cooking of incredible dishes 🙂

    • Donna thank you for watching and the kind words.. I love working on the show, Mark is a terrific and kind partner. Woody is a great producer. I am here for the duration. Best Cristina

  • karen

    What a thrill it was finding you , quite by accident, as a co-host on Home and Family. I loved the original show and was a faithful viewer. Love your most recent cookbook. I treated myself, as well as my family, to your book and they have enjoyed it.
    Take Care – Karen

    • karen, happy you found us. It’s a wonderful show. I am thrilled you love my cook book, I am very proud of it. Thank you for the kind words. Cristina

  • Frances

    Hi Cristina! Love ya and so glad to see you again. I notice you don’t wear your wedding ring. I loved your gemstone ring! why aren’t you wearing it?

    • I am always cooking on the show, constantly washing my hands. It’s easier if I don’t wear rings! I would die if I took it off and lost it! 🙁 thanks for writing and please keep watching!

  • Tammy Moore

    Welcome back Christina!! I watched your show in the 90’s and LOVED IT!! I was so sad when it ended. I just happened to be surfing channels the other day and was delighted to find it was back on! I have started recording it and while I don’t want to hurt Mark Steins’ feelings, I miss Michael Burger, Candace and the whole old gang. I can’t wait to get to know the new gang and look forward to seeing the show again! Is there anyway you can have the old gang on as guests??

    • Tammy really happy you found the show. It’s great fun. Keep watching. Best Cristina

  • Vivian

    Hello Cristina, What a blessing to have you on Home and Family. You and Mark are a joy to watch! You brighten my days:)

    • What kind words, thank you!

      All the best,


  • Suzette

    Hi Cristina,

    Welcome back and glad to see you on a national show. Like many others, I have always been a fan so it’s nice to watch you when I have a day off from work.

    As a woman in her 40’s, I love the clothes you have been wearing on the show. I can’t get away wearing the clothes that I did in my 20’a and your clothes look comfortable and can be worn at home or in the casual office. Are you designing your own line or do you have a particular brand that you like?

    Thank you, Suzette

    • Hi Suzette,

      Thank you for your kind words and the love and support through out the years. I do not design my own line but one of the places that we find wonderful blouses is at Nordstrom’s. Have a wonderful week!

  • Diane Martin

    Found your show by accident while channel surfing, now I won’t miss it! Love to watch you and Mark and your incredible chemistry! Trying to find out when the new 2014 season begins.

    • Thanks Diane, Please watch for our premier show of our second season starting Monday September 30th. Would love to hear from you!

      • Tammy Moore

        Loved the reunion show!!! Missed seeing Candace, but the rest of the gang was like seeing old friends!! I had been wondering when the new season started, glad I don’t have to wait much longer!

        • Hi Tammy,

          Sorry for the delay, we are back ! Still on the Hallmark Channel! Hope to see you there and have a wonderful rest of your week! Thank you for all your love and support.


  • judy

    Decent, clean, informative, creative uplifting. Good programming!

  • Avril

    Wonderful to see you again Cristina, you are so warm and real! What a breath of fresh air this show is…..Thanks Hallmark for bringing it back. Please also consider bringing Michael Berger back. Mark is nice but just doesn’t have the intelligence and wit of MB.

  • Avril

    Wonderful that you are back, Cristina, Can’t imagine HAF without you! Mark is a good guy but Michael Berger is sorely missed as well!

  • Donna Potter

    Cristina, last fall you had guests on and cooked Penne, broccoli, and chicken in a white sauce. Entire family loved it , including picky eater grand daughters. We lost the recipe, could you send it to me???

  • Julie A. Thoma

    Cristina, I found your Hallmark Home while scanning the tv a few mths ago. while watching your opening 3/12/14, you all opened with the stay at home mom and dad who had just come home from work. Boy, you got me worked up!!!
    I worked for 30 yrs. in a HIGHLY stressful job [doesn’t matter it was]. Anywhere from 5 to 7 days a week, scheduled a 10 hr. a day, plus, commute time, 30 to 45 min. on LA freeways, back to back shifts, sometimes doubles, except for thanksgiving and Christmas I worked all holidays, days off, wensday and Thursday, and to top it off I was a trouble shooter for the company and one was so bad there was a killing in one of my shops by a fired employee. Needless to say with 3 children and all their woes of growing up this was not the a simple way of life. My husband on the other hand worked a less stressful job, weekends & holidays off, 9 to 5, could leave his job and do personal things, 15 to 30 min. drive in the country to get to and from work, and could not be more opposite from mine, really!!!
    BUT, we both needed time out before we addressed our little ones. We allowed ourselves 30 min. a day in our LOCKED room to talk, hug, complain, or what ever we needed to do. NO one could knock on our door unless their was blood, fire, police or they would not get what ever it was they were knocking for.
    Our children, now 44 to 48 years of age, married over 25 yrs. [one has divorced after 17 yrs.], out of their combined 10 children only 3 are still young and at home. Our children are first to say they had a great childhood [no prob’n from us]. They new to schedule any time, questions, dinner, what ever after our 30 min.s. They do NOT have any life long abandament problems, they are just as well balanced as any children in this era can be. It made my husband and myself better parents to handle all their situations of growing up. If a parent needs to unwind, then UNWIND and be a better parent, and person.
    Thank you for your ear on this, I feel better now!
    By the way Christina, years ago you and your first husband were camping in a very large motor home and you parked right next to us, you were great.
    Thank you again, Julie

  • Kay Lorinc

    How do I get in touch with your producers or the legal department of home and family. I have trademark protection for Pup Scouts. I made Lauren aware of this before I asked her NOT TO USE MY MARK ON YOUR SHOW! She said the you filmed Thurdays and that she want to help me out she has published MY MARK with a trademark infringement. PLEASE CONTACT ME http://www.pupscoutsusa.com


  • Pat Tatro

    I can’t tell you how much I missed your show when it went off You & Mike were like my family everyday..Along with Woody & the rest of the cast..Glad your back.Your new co-host reminds me of Mike & I really like him but I do miss Mike..Stay longer this time..Ha ha


      Well this month, Woody fired her….because they wanted someone YOUNGER- Wood Frasier is a fool- thousands of viewers has clicked off Home & Family- this is no way to promote family values- it’s all PHONY! I will go where Cristina goes- I love her and remain a huge fan- I await her next show! The Food Network should swoop in and grab her- give her and entertaining show- she is the best at it- better than Martha!

      • Mary Martin

        I agree with you! She gave the show a calm sense of reason which attracted a much larger age range audience. Many of us in our 50’s will find a new morning show now. Debbie is great on the show, but not as near a warm and gracious person as Cristina. She could stop flexing her arms once in a while too. Everyone already knows she has a great figure. Miss you Cristina, and good luck to you. We will find you when you resettle.

  • Joan brown

    Where do you get your cloths? I love all your tops!

    • Debby Woodfin Sawtell

      Came across this post while surfing the web looking for Cristina’s wardrobe. Answer please

  • sandygirl53@att.net

    On Monday 11-9-15 here in Pensacola Fl you made with a guest a sweet potato pie, some of the ingredient is 2 eggs and 2 egg yolks I remember this. I tried to copy it but I could not and know I cannot find it…Does any body remember this?

  • karen

    Love the shoes Cristina on season 4 episode 105. And your pants. Where can I find them. Thank you

  • Cheryll Chance

    looks like she’s out again ;-(

  • Pamela Eilrich

    I just learned that you are not on Home and Family anymore and I am not happy! You added so much class and grace to the show. I sincerely hope you return for some of the shows. {{{Hugs{{{{

  • Kelley Snorklefoxie

    I love your gentle, kind manner and grace, you bring to Hallmark Home and Family. I love Debbie but she can be pretty intense. I’m sure she will get the hang of it. I’m upset your being taken off the show.I’m not sure I can watch it any more. I’ve used Home & Family to make my day happier but it won’t be the same. I’m not into cooking but I would watch a cooking show if you were on. I hope you are doing ok. Know some of us, truly care.

  • Leona Olson

    Miss you

  • Kathy Angel

    i have been trying to wean myself from the need of having TV on 24/7/365 since my headon collision by not having the TV on except for music during the nights for the las 2 months to gage how i am vs ptsd I could not image the shock as i was catching up on dvr record home and family where you were then i read here that you were let go I can not believe You will be greatly missed Woody has miscalculated on this one as he did before when he let you and the show go then. I pray that you do go to food network and have chef /host interview host us Ohioians Love you come see Monica’s Store and tell them to call the potatoe soup lady to come see you too and i will get there if at all possible

  • Teresa Ramirez

    Cristina is going to be missed so much on the Home and Family show she was the only reason I watch the show.

    • Treasua Bragg

      I will also miss christina. I thought she was just taking some time off. I kept thinking that the show was kind of boring without christina. I heard soon she had been replaced. I will not waste anther minute watching home and family. She made the show! I wish her the best
      I truly believe when one door closes, another will open

  • Terri Fiamma

    I have never watched the show after she was replaced.

  • Terri Fiamma

    Am I hearing that she has another show. What is it?