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WELCOME HOME & FAMILY viewers to my web-site devoted to the best recipes and ideas for your Home & Family I have to offer!


I am so very very happy to have the opportunity to be joining as a co-host “Hallmark Channel’s” Home & Family.  I co-hosted the original show in the 90’s, I’m back and honored to be sitting next to my new partner and host Mark Steines! The moment I met him I knew we were in for a great time and we are having a blast!

It was a very emotional day the first time I walked back into the house. I remember all of our family members children including mine running around the backyard and house doing what children usually do, screaming, laughing and getting into trouble! I am overwhelmed with happiness and extremely grateful to be back and to do what I love most, taking care of Home & Family! The best part of being back is taking care of the biggest kid of all our producer Woody Fraser! It’s good to be home!

I would love to hear from you  with your comments and or ideas you would like for us to cover on the show. There are a lot of new things being planned so we

can have better communications with you our Home & Family family!

Big Hugs,



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