Mother’s Day Menu!

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I love my mother she is the best person I know. She has always been my hero and whenever anyone asks me who my hero is I say without hesitation, “my mother”.

My mother was born in La Spezia, Italy, survived a war as child and married at 14 (still a child) to my father who was stationed in Italy during World War ll. She came to this country not speaking a word of English to begin her new life here in the United States. She gave birth to me at 17, my sister Diana at 20 & brother Gino at 26. Basically my parents were children raising children. A unbelievable story of courage and survival that is a story to be told for sure but for now I am going to keep it simple and to the point.

I want to honor and say thank you to my mom, Renata, who is the backbone of our family. She led by example at such a young age. She knew and understood instinctively the importance of family, discipline, loyalty, and hard work. We didn’t have much money growing up put there was always laughter, music and the wonderful family meals my mother would cook. Preparing the meals, setting the table and sitting down to eat as a family imprinted my life. Those warm wonderful feelings of being together, sharing and connecting live inside me today. It makes me smile; it gives me hope, and makes me happy.

My girls Alexandra and Arianna are helping me prepare a wonderful day for my mom.


Pasta Carbonara with Fresh Spring Peas

Roasted Shrimp with White Beans & Wild Arugula

Ice bowl with Assorted Sorbet


My mother loves roses and the color pink. I find beautiful pink flowers for her at the open market, where I will go to get everything I need for out Mother’s Day celebration!

My mother always set beautiful tables no matter if it was for breakfast lunch, snack or dinner. It wasn’t always elaborate but it always had her special touch. Even if was a lone flower in a glass vase there would be messages written on little rocks she would find in the garden with a personal note at the bottom. We could read them through the water!  I would reach in after the meal and save mine and put them in the bottom of a plant that I kept in my room! I have so many wonderful memories of the “little” things that my mom would do for us and for my sister, brother, and I they are forever indelibly engrained in our hearts.

My mother is 80 this year and I feel for fortunate and blessed I still have my mom!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!! I hope you enjoy your special day!


Please read this moving and funny tribute to my mom from my daughter Alexandra about her grandmother.




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