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Food for Thought

Food for thought Cristina ferrare

It’s finally here, I am so honored and humbled to share with you my new cookbook, Food for Thought! Just released for pre-order today on Amazon!

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I love the abundance of fresh vegetables available this time of year!

Today I picked asparagus and cucumbers to make one of my favorite ways to prepare asparagus.

I get so excited to share recipes with you but for me it’s not just about posting a recipe, it’s about bringing you the healthiest form of what you are about to eat. If I’m going to share a recipe I feel it’s important to provide information on what you are going to eat. Not only is it super delicious but super good for you as well. Read more »

Delicious & Easy Smoothie Recipe: Carmel Apple Smoothie

Carmel Apple Smoothie Cristina ferrare

Ever since the girls were little I found ways of adding more fruits, vegetables and nutrient rich foods to their diet without them even noticing. One of the easiest ways I did that was with smoothies and it stuck not only for them but for my husband and I as well. As a family we love seeing who can make a delicious smoothie that’s not only tastey but  fills you up my body and soul, leaving you enegetic & satisfied through out the day!  Read more »



My momma when she was still here with us would want nothing more than for the whole family to be together on Mother’s Day. (Actually, all the time) lol.  She didn’t want gifts she wanted family around her along with music, songs, kids, running around, and people in the kitchen cooking. She loved to see a beautiful table with flowers, nice china, and good wine! She always dressed for the occasion making all of us up our game. I tried to come up every year with a different menu as she loved to try new things. Read more »


ORZO PASTA RECIPE cristina ferrare

My husband Tony is Greek, I’m Italian and we have always followed a Mediterranean diet. We eat large amounts of organic fruits and veggies and our protein comes from, beans, nuts, fish, chicken and very little beef. I do serve pasta at least twice a week as a main meal or as a side dish. (It’s in my blood, I have to have it!) One of the side dishes I love to serve is Orzo Pasta with fresh herbs, wild arugula, peppery watercress, and sweet summer baby Roma or cherry tomatoes. The dressing is made with a green, fruity extra virgin olive oil, and fresh citrusy lemons. I included my shallot vinaigrette in the recipe below! Read more »


strawberry margarita photo

Nothing better than the sweet, ripe, sun kissed flavor of summer strawberries. Yes, I know it’s still spring but living in California we get a bit of a jump start on fresh berries. I have to admit though that mid-summer berries are at the peak of flavor and the best time to enjoy them. However, what’s wrong with getting a jump start on summer and the 4thof July celebration! By the time we get to that point I am going to be posting recipes to consider for this fun filled family and friends day that are prepared in a way that is heart smart, and healthy.   What’s better than family, fun, and food. Yes, hot dogs are still on the menu along with baked beans, burgers, coleslaw, potato salad and some new recipes to try. Stayed tuned.

In the meantime, enjoy the Strawberry Margarita! Read more »